Board Safety Committee

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  • Meetings: The second Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm
  • Contact:

Please check with Cory Riordan to confirm the meeting time and location.

The Safety Committee is responsible for developing and implementing programs designed to make the Tremont neighborhood a safe place to work, live and visit.  The Committee hosts an annual Living Well in Lincoln Park event.


  • Strive for and promote a safe environment for existing and prospective residents and businesses.
  • Identify and address areas of low or no visibility of street signage/signals and for lighting.
  • Monitor court cases related to Tremont crimes and advocate for strict sentencing through writing letters, appearing in court, etc.
  • Lead physical enhancement initiatives to improve safety, including identifying and removing graffiti, creating murals, removing litter, etc.
  • Maintain a positive and productive relationship with the Police Commander of the local police district.
  • Enlist Safety Coordinator to provide a quarterly report on safety trends and recent issues.
  • Develop programs and initiatives that improve the overall safety and livability of Tremont.
  • Provide an open and transparent environment for discussing and addressing safety issues.

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