Tremont West Development Corporation, established in 1979, is a non-profit CDC whose mission is to create an inclusive community, build a unified neighborhood and promote Tremont as a unique destination.

Tremont West serves the community members through neighborhood infrastructure improvements, retail assistance, home maintenance and repair, and event planning and management.

Check out our recent annual reports to learn how we are making an impact in our community:

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Meet Our Staff

Cory Riordan
Cory RiordanExecutive Director
216-575-0920, ext. 101
Julie Dahlhausen
Julie DahlhausenHousing and Program Manager
216-575-0920, ext. 108
Katy Baumbach
Katy BaumbachDirector of Marketing | Near West Partners
Marty Brass
Marty BrassCommunity Engagement Specialist
Lynn Friedel
Lynn FriedelOffice Manager
216-575-0920, ext. 105
Donna Grigonis-Bailey
Donna Grigonis-BaileyDirector of Neighborhood Development
Scott Rosenstein
Scott RosensteinCommunity Involvement Manager & Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival Manager
216-575-0920, ext. 106
Dharma Valentin
Dharma ValentinCommunity & Equity Organizer
216-575-0920, ext. 102
Anita Watson
Anita WatsonProperty Manager
216-575-0920, ext. 110

Meet Our 2022-2023 Board

Tremont West’s Board of Directors is comprised of 15 community members. These members are democratically elected by the membership on a rotating basis; each year the membership elects a Board President (one year term) and 4 or 5 Directors who will serve a three year term.


Seronica Powell

Tom Tosurksri
1st Vice President

Kate O’Neil
2nd Vice President

Carolyn Bentley

Dan Imfeld


Fred Calatrello

Dan Cotter

Jaime Declet

Jason Petroff

Jonathan Greever

John Jackson

Jenny Rodriguez

Deborah Smith

Richard Sosenko

Darren Triplett


Shannon Copfer Brace, Duck Island Block Club

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