Clean Garbage Recycling to Hold Computer Round-up

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Do you have old computer cables, cellphones, printers, DVDs, etc. that you want to make sure don’t end up in a landfill? CGR is partnering with RET3 Job Corp, a local 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization to host a COMPUTER ROUND UP on Saturday, April 9th from 9 am – 5 pm. CGR will have a tent set up at Lucky Park. Donation receipts will be provided.
Items accepted:
computers /laptops, tablets/e-readers, monitors (CRTs, LCD, LED flatscreens)
keyboards, mice, cords, cables and other peripherals
printers, ink and toner cartridges
cell phones, telecom equipment, networking equipment, servers
video games, DVDs
stereo equipment, CD players, media players, cable boxes
electronic equipment batteries
Non-acceptable Materials:
televisions – older tube models, projection, consoles
household appliances (including freon-containing appliances)
paint or oil
medical electronics
mercury containing items – thermostats, etc.
light bulbs
smoke detectors
RET3 stands for
Refurbish • Reuse • Recycle
Environment • Electronics • Education
Technology • Teach • Train
RET3 Job Corp. is dedicated to refurbishing, reusing, and recycling computer and electronic equipment while educating and training recipients and the transitional workforce to repair, upgrade and use computers, helping to shrink the digital divide and create a more productive and technologically adept workforce in northeast Ohio. Computer and electronic equipment that can be reused are refurbished and donated to schools and other non-profit organizations. Unusable equipment is de-manufactured and sorted into individual components for reuse. Items such as glass, plastics, metals, ink cartridges, cardboard, circuit boards and other raw materials are sold as raw materials to Original Equipment Manufacturers.
RET3 is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) and is fully EPA compliant. It provides a no-landfill guarantee that all electronic equipment will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. All data is wiped from donated equipment before being refurbished or reused using data sanitization software. Non-working hard drives are magnetically destroyed and dismantled by hand so NO information is left any equipment.

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