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Tremont Speaks is Participatory Budgeting Fund for Safety in the Neighborhoods
Participatory Budgeting allows Tremont West staff to connect to residents and assist them in developing feasible proposals for safety initiatives in Tremont. The community will vote on which proposals to fund. Participatory Budgeting is a process which gives a voice to the residents. Tremont Speaks is for safety initiatives that impact the neighborhood. Participatory Budgeting is a community engagement based budgeting process. It involves working with residents to build an understanding of the issues facing the community, and brainstorm possible solutions. For these funds, Tremont West will focus exclusively on safety concerns for the neighborhood.
Through the community sessions coming up on July 13th and 27th, block club meetings, door knocking and one on ones, Tremont West Organizers will then help community members identify the greatest community safety needs in the neighborhood. Resident groups will then form to draft proposals to address these needs that are feasible given the pool of money. Once proposals are submitted and vetted (to ensure feasibility), there will be a proposal presentation and voting period. Residents from across the neighborhood will be given the opportunity to dictate what the funding priorities should be.