Tremont West Announces Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner

  Make sure to join us for the Tremont West Annual Meeting on May 17th 2018 at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church located at 2187 West 14th Street.  Dinner will be begin at 6 pm with voting taking place for Board members beginning at 7 pm.  A short program will also take place beginning at 6:30 pm.  This year we will be joined by guest speaker Richey Piiparinen.

  Richey Piiparinen is the Director of the Center for Population Dynamics at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University. His focus is on the cultural, psychosocial, and demographic changes in Rust Belt cities, particularly as they relate to economic and community development.  Piiparinen will discuss how these changes are impacting Tremont and the City of Cleveland as a whole.  His essays on cities have been featured in multiple national publications and he was named one of Cleveland Magazine’s most interesting people in 2014.

During the meeting, membership will vote on 1 Board President position and 3 Director positions.  The candidate questionnaires can be found here.  The agenda for the evening can be found here.


This year due to a Code of Regulations change, Tremont West will have early voting on the day of the Annual Meeting May 17th.  Although we encourage everyone to attend the event we understand that there are often scheduling conflicts.  The offices of Tremont West will be open for early voting beginning at 3 pm on the day of the Annual Meeting.  Early voting will end at 6 pm.  All voting after 6 pm will take place at Annunciation Greek Church (site of the Annual Meeting).  Section 2 of the Code of Regulations governing voting is below:

Section 2:  Voting at the Annual Meeting

A person or business eligible for membership must submit a membership card to TWDC by April 1st before they are permitted to vote at the annual meeting.  Voting for all issues to be addressed at the annual meeting will open at 3 pm the day of the annual meeting at the offices of TWDC.  Members of TWDC who are unable to attend the annual meeting shall submit absentee ballots from 3 pm until the start of the annual meeting.