Membership in Tremont West is a great way to show support for your community and qualifies residents and representatives of community businesses and institutions to vote on leadership, governance and community issues at the Annual Membership Meeting in May of each year.

Tremont West’s Board of Directors is comprised of 15 community members. These members are democratically elected by the membership on a rotating basis; each year the membership elects a Board President (one year term) and 4 or 5 Directors who will serve a three year term.

Membership in Tremont West is Free – there are no membership dues or fees.
To apply, complete a Membership application, and submit it by e-mail or by US mail.

You may also request an application to be emailed or mailed to you by contacting
Scott Rosenstein ( or at 216-575-0920, ext. 106.

To be eligible to vote at the May meeting, membership forms must be turned in on or before April 1.
Forms received after that date will give you voting rights at the following year’s Membership Meeting.

Please mail or drop off application to:

Tremont West Development Corporation
2406 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

Other benefits of being a member of Tremont West include receiving the Inside Tremont newspaper delivered monthly to your mailbox, as well as receiving weekly e-news – both printed and digital media include information about neighborhood projects, events and activities. Best of all, membership provides a boost in your civic pride; to know that you have a voice in the future of our neighborhoods!

Please note: To be eligible for membership, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, and a resident of Tremont, Duck Island, or Irishtown Bend –OR– a representative of a local business or institution. 

Attend your next block club meeting

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