2023 Art Jurors

Angelica Pozo, a New York City native, born of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, has lived in Cleveland since 1984. She moved there from Arbor, Michigan, where she received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts is from SUNY College of Ceramics in Alfred, NY. A full time self employed ceramic artist, Angelica divides her time between public art, tile and sculptural studio work, teaching workshops on tile making and architectural ceramics and often serves as an artist-in-residence on large tile/mosaic projects in school and community settings. Recipient of an OAC Individual Artist Fellowship, she is in the permanent collection of Museum of Art & Design and private collection of Lebron James. She is the author of “Making & Installing Handmade Tile,” which was published in the spring of 2005, by Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishers. Her most recent book, “Ceramics for Beginners: Surfaces, Glazes and Firings,” was published in August, 2010. Examples of her work, which has been exhibited widely can be seen on her website, www.angelicapozo.com.

Manuel Eloisio Ramos is a self-taught artist and native Clevelander greatly influenced by graffiti artists during his upbringing in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland. He has a varied art palate that includes Japanese anime, contemporary, and modern art. He has a passion for expanding his influence into chalk art, which he does without formal training, and had an opportunity to showcase at the 2022 Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival. Manuel is always looking to create artwork that can inspire others and help them connect with their own creativity and he now plans to expand his influence into this medium as well. He loves to see his work in public spaces and interact with people who visit his works.

Tanya Kaiser is a visual artist specializing in ceramic sculpture. Her works examine decidedly female themes while exploring and at times challenging preconceived notions of beauty. She is especially interested in the cultural silencing of women’s suffering, due to the societal stigma associated with the female form. By directly confronting these issues through her artwork, she hopes that her pieces may serve as a vehicle for further discussion on women’s roles, health, and bodily autonomy. Tanya received her MFA in Studio Art from Stony Brook University. In 2016 she was named the Goldberger Fellow for excellence in art. Her artwork in both 2D and 3D forms has exhibited internationally. Tanya has spent her career serving the nonprofit sector. Her past roles include event and media director of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association in Huntington, NY, and administrator of the Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University. She is currently the Assistant Director of Summer on the Cuyahoga – Northeast Ohio’s premier summer internship program for a select group of regional colleges and universities from Ohio, the East Coast, and the greater Midwest. Home to the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland is the focal point and gathering place each summer for 70-80 students from nine partner schools. She is also currently Owner/Director of Kaiser Gallery (www.kaisergallery.com) in Cleveland, Ohio, which opened in July, 2020. Kaiser Gallery is a contemporary gallery and cocktail lounge located in the heart of the Tremont.