Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and emerging recommendations from health care providers and government agencies around best prevention measures and social distancing, Tremont West Development Corporation is canceling its Board of Directors meeting and all Tremont West Committee meetings for the month of March.  We urge all block clubs to cancel March and early April meetings out of an abundance of caution.

Staff from Tremont West will not be available through the end of March to attend block club meetings.  We will evaluate our approach to meetings in April and will make decisions based on the best guidance available on COVID-19 at that time.

Tremont West is committed to the health and safety of our members and the neighborhood.  We will ere on the side of caution during this time.  Thank you for your understanding and please take necessary precautions to stay safe and keep others safe.  Information about the virus and precautions to take can be found at the following links: