It has been a brutal winter, but spring is near.  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Bob Holcepl, the new Tremont Farmers Market manager for the 2019 season.  I accepted the position because Tremont is the neighborhood I call home and have deep roots in. My family moved here over a century ago, I was born here and returned here in 1986 with my own family to make a life. I am committed now, as always, to making our neighborhood a better place to live.

My background includes 30 years in food, as a producer (City Roast Coffee, a family owned craft coffee roaster for 25 years), as a food retailer (My wife Nancy and I began Civilization in Tremont in 1990) and as a vendor at the West Side Market with two stands (City Roast Coffee and Crepes de Luxe).

Prior to my life in food I was an advertising photographer for 20 years.

In taking on the role as manager, I hope to bring a new perspective to the Tremont Farmers Market, first by building on the positive work that had been done over the past 13 years, but also being mindful there are problems that need to be addressed quickly to make the Market successful for the neighborhood and its vendors.

This year’s market will begin again in May and run thru October. Of course it will once again be held in our beautiful Lincoln Park.  Watch for notices for exact start date and vendors.

New features will be added to the Market this year including a regularly scheduled chef demo featuring the fresh ingredients of the Market presented by our local chefs and others, a new music program that will be more diverse and new vendors that are being recruited. We hope to add a more diverse group of vendors, keeping our main focus on food, we will also be introducing more artists, craftspeople and makers into the mix. As well a few exciting new programs we are working on right now.

We will, of course, continue with our favorite vendors of years past. We will continue supporting the EBT, WIC and Produce Perks programs. Our neighborhood is diverse and we want to be sure everyone has a seat at the table, and we believe that table should have good, fresh and wholesome food on it. Going forward should never mean leaving any one behind.

Looking forward to a great market season.  Hoping every market day is a day of warmth and light not only in the day’s weather but also in our community. As we meet in the market place as people have done for millenniums, lets share our thoughts and goodwill with our neighbors and our community.  I hope we can meet there, be nourished, be informed, be entertained and become stronger as a community.

If you wish to participate in the Market as a vendor, volunteer or sponsor or if you wish to contribute in some other way please feel free to contact me. This is our community market let’s build it together.  Bob Holcepl,