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Name, Age, Occupation, Hometown

Priscilla Florin, 28, Business Owner, refold., born in Houston, TX but raised in Cleveland, OH

Why Tremont?

Tremont has become one of the best places in Cleveland to have an interesting experience. Whether it be a fine meal, fine art or a cool bar or coffee shop. The community is not one note and encourages the growth of unusual and disparate business ideas while still managing to cater to the tastes of both locals and newcomers alike.

What’s your favorite thing about your business/organization?

I love that it shows that sustainability and inclusion don’t have to be so hard and can be accessible to everyone. Small changes can make a big difference.

If you could improve something about Cleveland what would it be?

Civic and community engagement, there are so many people out there disenfranchised with their own communities and leadership but the change has to come from us. All the problems of society are our problems because we are society and if more people had their voices heard and believed they would be heard we would more effectively work towards making Cleveland (the world, etc) a better place for everyone.

What does community mean to you?

It’s a group of people who care enough to work together towards a common goal. Whether that goal is as simple as cohabitation or as complicated as running a business, it comes down to the effort people make to overcome their differences and create a space where people are lauded for their efforts and feel safe sharing their ideas.

What’s Tremont’s best kept secret?

Parking really isn’t so bad. There is a big misconception that parking is terrible in Tremont but except for certain special events, parking can almost always be found a block away from your destination or less.