Your Neighborhood was created to give you an opportunity to get to know your neighborhood on a deeper level. We interviewed and photographed a handful of businesses, residents, organizations, and restaurants.  We hope you enjoy it and learn something new! See more features, here!

Name, Occupation, Hometown

Ricardo Sandoval, Chef /Owner Fat Cats, Rocky River

Why Tremont?  

The mix of artists, the neighborhood people who have been here for generations, the location(proximity to downtown), affordable pricing, the challenge of creating.


What’s your favorite item on your menu? 

Grilled octopus with preserved lemons, avocado, olives, garlic, radish 

Basically, when it comes to food..the more simple the better!

If you could improve something about Cleveland what would it be?

Improving neighborhoods….east and west, not through gentrification but creating jobs, better schools, creating farmland in deserted neighborhoods (better nutrition), providing better security (police & community), bike trails, and mostly, connectivity between business and neighbors!

What does community mean to you? 

Community means everything to me!

What’s Tremont’s best kept secret?

Lincoln Park, it’s the beating heart of Tremont. It includes and welcomes everyone.