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Name, Age, Occupation, Hometown

Beverly Wurm, 72, Retired, I have lived in Tremont/Southside longer than anywhere but, was born and raised in Illinois.

Why Tremont?

Bought a house here 43 years ago to raise my children, was affordable then.


Favorite Memory of Tremont? 

The many families with children in the neighborhood, everyone knew each other and watched out for each other. It was a great time in the neighborhood. A real feeling of belonging.


What would I improve in Cleveland?  

Take politics out of making improvements. Politics seen to hold up what could be accomplished. Also, helping everyone understand it’s ok to cross the river, some great neighborhoods, restaurants, and cultural centers on the other side.


What does Community mean? 

Having or sharing similar interests, goals, attitudes. A common ground–coming together for the interest of all.


Tremont’s best kept secret? 

Its people: the older residents history, the long time residents resilience, and the new residents views of what could be.