“Walkabout Like a Pirate” Theme Friday, Sept. 13 from 5 – 10 p.m. includes New Art Openings, Street Performers & More

Walkabout Tremont hits the high seas this month with a “Walkabout Like a Pirate” theme Friday, September 13, from 5 to 10 p.m. in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day later in September. Landlubbers and swashbucklers alike can see multiple art openings, enjoy extended hours at art galleries and retail shops, and fill up on a variety of pirate-inspired food & drink specials at Tremont’s restaurants and bars. There will be a number of street performers—including DrURawesome and his world-record breaking bubbles—street musicians, belly dancers and more.

There will be more than a dozen pop-up tents with artists from within and outside Tremont. And, visitors can enjoy locally produced art in many shops, restaurants and bars, view a local history display at the corner of Professor and College Avenues, and take a tour of two of Tremont’s iconic churches.


LOOP – 2180 W 11th

Matthew Chasney—photography and book release

Author and photographer Matthew Chasney likes to make pictures that tell stories and then turn those stories into books and articles. He’s releasing a new book, “The Hope Memorial,” and displaying photography from the book.

DOUBTING THOMAS – 856 Jefferson

Ted Pickturna and Friends—art exhibit


Robert Hartshorn—paintings and portraits

Rob is hosting an open house at his new studio location next to Civilization Café near Lincoln Park. He will be showing a preview of his finished “Mermaid” painting.

TREEHOUSE – 820 College Ave.

Elisa Vietri—photography

As the premier photographer for the Cool Cleveland weekly newsletter, Elisa’s work has fascinated Cleveland aficionados for several years. Her striking, off-beat nostalgia captures the great memories of Cleveland’s past as well as the futuristic renditions of Cleveland’s buildings, fashion and people. She always has a camera in hand and she chronicles what she sees.

REFOLD – 2406 Professor Ave.

Jen Salta—jewelry

Visiting artist Jen Salta will demo how she reclaims metal for use in her jewelry making and will have her very first Cleveland trunk show.

FAT CATS – 2061 W. 10th St.

Betsy Jaszczak—paintings

Betsy is a local painter of beautifully evocative and personal scenes.



  • CLIMB CLEVELAND – works by Cade Buckus, Lindsey Bryan, Oscar Hammers Mendez Barillas, Gina Santora and Michelle Janosky
  • CRUST – Mike Sobek, painter of food and other cool things
  • FLYING MONKEY – artwork by Tony Trunzo, magic by Paul Gallagher
  • GRAIN – new pieces created daily by James Hamilton and featuring a black walnut burl wall installation
  • GRUMPY’S – Nancy Gregg, Jordon Satterfield, Glenn Murray, Sandi Valois (stained glass)
  • LAVA LOUNGE – Daniela Svet paintings and drawings
  • PAUL DUDA GALLERY – new paintings by Paul Duda and an expanded gallery full of iconic Cleveland photography
  • ROOK MODERN – Rook Modern is a gallery that curates vintage modernist designs. They buy, sell and broker Bauhaus to contemporary designs.
  • THE SOUTH SIDE – Todd Leech, ceramic artist
  • TY FUN – Tim Herron, portrait/landscape artist
  • VISIBLE VOICE BOOKS – multiple artists provided by Hedge Gallery



Come see the beauty and art inside two of Tremont’s historic churches:

  • JOHN CANTIUS – corner of Professor Ave. & College Ave.
  • PETER & PAUL UKRAINIAN CHURCH – 2280 W. 7th St. (just down from the Treehouse)


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About Walkabout Tremont

Walkabout Tremont honors the artistic vision of Jean Brandt, who started the Tremont ArtWalk in 1993, with open galleries on the second Friday of each month. Walkabout Tremont expands the event’s focus with music, street entertainment, local history, restaurant and bar specials, and pop-up tents featuring art and artists from within and outside Tremont the second Friday of every month. Find more information at: https://experiencetremont.com/featured-events/walkabout-tremont/