Walkabout Tremont Celebrates Spring with Street Performers, 24 PopUp Vendors, Art on Display, Food & Drink Specials Friday, May 13 from 5 9 p.m.

Walkabout Tremont is celebrating spring with a “Spring Fling” theme Friday, May 13, from 5 to 9 p.m. This month’s Walkabout Tremont features a variety of street performers up and down Professor Avenueincluding the current Guinness World
Record Holder for the largest indoor/outdoor soap bubbles (DrURawesome), musical acts on Professor Ave., the adorable Gaelic Glen Alpacas, plus art on display, 24 popup vendors, food and drink specials, and galleries and boutiques open for browsing and shopping, and St. John Cantius Church open for tours. Visitors can also enjoy locally produced art in many shops, restaurants and bars.
KAISER GALLERY 2418 Professor Ave.
Silent Fields
Silent Fields is a thoughtprovoking exhibition that will make you stop and think about the consequences of human activity on bees. Pollinators are necessary for the world’s food security, yet humans are directly harming these delicate insects. Silent Fields is an exhibition that raises awareness of the importance of pollinators and the need to protect them. Silent Fields exhibition raises awareness for how important it is to protect pollinators and showcases them in a new light. Presenting the works of
Melissa Harvey, Maggie Latham, Kimit Menapace, Georgio Sabino III and David Straange. Plus, curated cocktails.

818 STUDIO 818 Jefferson Ave.
The Big Photography Show
Things are blowing up at 818 Studios in Tremontor at least the photography prints are. The Big Photography Show is a group exhibition of 23 works each by 15 veteran and new Cleveland area photographers. This show features LARGE print work by Cleveland’s finest photographers. Artists include Jay Brown, Matthew Chasney, Hadley Conner, Jacques Gauvin, Jef Janis, Keith Marlowe, Ken Matosky, Barbara Merritt, Bryon Miller, Karen Novak, Anastasia Pantios, Bob Perkoski, Barney Taxel,
Steve Vaccareillo, Brad Williams.

DOUBTING THOMAS 856 Jefferson Ave.
The Oil Refinery Reeks of Love
Works by Matt Kiroff and Jace Lee. Jace Lee (이주은) is a painter based in Cleveland. Her practice isconcerned with language and systems of organization, often translating information from one medium to another. Her paintings and drawings exist as a record of human desire for order, and the beauty thatemerges from this process. Lee graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2021.

PAUL DUDA GALLERY 2342 Professor Ave.
A gallery full of Iconic Cleveland photography.

MEGAN DARDIS 2535 Scranton Road
A gallery showcasing the paintings and drawings of Megan Dardis. Her abstract paintings depict explosive events and waves of movement and motion, in which she combines geometric and linear elements with painterly brushstrokes in vibrant color palettes.

ROASTED TREMONT various Cleveland artists with artwork for sale
TY FUN Tim Herron
VISIBLE VOICE BOOKS multiple artists provided by Hedge Gallery

DrURawesome and his giant bubbles from 6:308 p.m. by St. John Cantius Church
Gaelic Glen Alpacas by the Treehouse
Live music on Professor Avenue by Alex Henry and Austin Walkin’ Cane
Roasted Tremont live music 67 p.m.
CODA The Tale of a City: Presented by R Squared Studios
Imposters Theater Improv Game Night 89 p.m.
Visible Voice Books Author Kit Whipple, Cleveland’s Colorful Characters
Come see the beauty and art inside one of Tremont’s historic churches:
ST. JOHN CANTIUS corner of Professor Ave. & College Ave.

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About Walkabout Tremont Walkabout Tremont honors the artistic vision of Jean Brandt, who started the Tremont ArtWalk in 1993, with open galleries on the second Friday of each month. Walkabout Tremont expands the event’s focus with music, street entertainment, local history, restaurant and bar specials, and popup tents featuring
art and artists from within and outside Tremont the second Friday of every month. Find more information at: https://experiencetremont.com/featuredevents/walkabouttremont/