This year’s meeting will be held Thursday, May 18th 2023 at Scranton Road Bible Church (3095 Scranton Road) at 6 pm.  Please join us for a light dinner followed by the Annual Meeting.  If you cannot join us we will be streaming the meeting at  Additionally, in order to get an accurate count of who will be attending the meeting, if possible please register for the meeting at the following:

Per a change to the Code of Regulations in 2021, Tremont West is now able to have early voting.  Early voting is available Monday May 8th (9 am) through Thursday May 18th 2023 (2 pm) at the offices of Tremont West Development Corporation, 2406 Professor Avenue.  There will be a drop off available 24/7 on the smaller side porch of 2406 Professor.  Please place your folded ballot in the slot.  Each ballot will have a number assigned to each individual member.  Once the ballot is received your name and number will be verified.  In order to ensure voting is confidential, votes will not be tallied until the day of the annual meeting and the assigned ballot number will only be used to ensure one vote per member.  If a ballot is lost, please contact Tremont West to schedule a time to receive a replacement ballot, at which time the original assigned ballot number will be discarded from use.    Note: should a quorum of votes not be reached by the end of the annual meeting, the Board may exercise emergency authorization powers to extend voting until the close of business on the following Monday, May 22.

This year, there is one candidate for the Board President position and six candidates for five Board of Directors seats.  The candidates are listed below.

Candidate(s) for Board President

Candidates for Board of Directors

We hope you will take some to time to closely consider the qualifications of each candidate prior to attending the meeting.  Your vote is extremely important. If you have any questions, please contact