Street Performers, 20+ Pop-Up Vendors, Art on Display, Food & Drink Specials

Friday, July 8 from 5 – 9 p.m.

The patriotic party from the 4th of July carries over to this month’s Walkabout Tremont with an “American Classics” celebration Friday, July 8, from 5 to 9 p.m. There will be all-American food & drink specials; art on display; 20+ pop-up vendors along Professor Aveune; City Dogs; St. John Cantius Church open for tours; entertainment: Shanty Circus aerial acrobatics; music by Alex Henry and music by Reverbious one man band; and, the Tribe Ostara Tribal Belly Dance. Visitors can also enjoy locally produced art in many shops, restaurants and bars.


KAISER GALLERY – 2418 Professor Ave.

Handful of Dream-Dust

A local treasure within Cleveland’s art scene, artist Jonah Jacobs explores themes of beauty, complexity and eco-consciousness to create works that are simultaneously thought-provoking and visually stunning. Jacobs’ large-scale pieces combine thousands of individual geometric shapes to create mesmerizing forms that reference fractal patterns, bio colonies and other complex systems. Jacobs merges creativity with science in an innovative way, to create artworks that explore ideas about order, chaos, growth, decay and life cycles—the pervasive yet elusive forces that shape our world. Jacobs also treats every exhibition as an opportunity to teach and inspire others how to create artwork that is more environmentally friendly by utilizing unexpected materials for his large-scale art installations, such as cardboard, egg cartons, yarn, quinoa, oatmeal, dryer sheets, and other textiles to name a few. Plus, curated cocktails that pair with the art.

DOUBTING THOMAS – 856 Jefferson Ave.

Birds Aren’t Real—Dave Witzke (The Sign Guy)

Better known as the Sign Guy, Dave Witzke creates fire-breathing cats, deranged rabbits and other bright, cartoony characters that can be found on buildings, telephone poles and bridges around Tremont. Dave’s distinctive outsider art is in keeping with Tremont’s creative spirit and has become practically synonymous with Tremont.

PAUL DUDA GALLERY – 2342 Professor Ave.

A gallery full of Iconic Cleveland photography.


  • FLYING MONKEY – Louie Riveria
  • ROASTED TREMONT – Paintings by Vanessa Faith; Photo prints by Shane McNicholas
  • TREEHOUSE – Illustrator/painter Robin Roy
  • TY FUN – Tim Herron
  • VISIBLE VOICE BOOKS – multiple artists provided by Hedge Gallery


  • Shanty Circus aerial acrobatics by St. John Cantius Church
  • Music by Alex Henry (corner of Professor Ave. and Jefferson Ave.)
  • Music by Reverbious one man band (corner of Professor Ave. and Literary Ave.)
  • Music by Faces of Belmez at Hi and Dry
  • Tribe Ostara Tribal Belly Dance
  • Henna tattoos by the Treehouse
  • CODA – Featuring Johnny in the Grave, Lurid Purple Flowers, Blanket Party
  • Imposters Theater – Improv Game Night 8-9 p.m.


Come see the beauty and art inside one of Tremont’s historic churches:

  • JOHN CANTIUS – corner of Professor Ave. & College Ave.


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About Walkabout Tremont

Walkabout Tremont honors the artistic vision of Jean Brandt, who started the Tremont ArtWalk in 1993, with open galleries on the second Friday of each month. Walkabout Tremont expands the event’s focus with music, street entertainment, local history, restaurant and bar specials, and pop-up tents featuring art and artists from within and outside Tremont the second Friday of every month. Find more information at: