Multiple Art Openings, Food & Drink Specials, Comedy, Music and More Friday, Feb. 14 from 5 – 10 p.m.

Walkabout Tremont and Valentine’s Day are the perfect match. Love will be in the air this Friday, February 14, from 5 to 10 p.m. with art openings across the neighborhood, a variety of Valentine’s-themed food and drink specials at Tremont’s restaurants and bars, boutique shopping, a comedy show, and live music at several locations. And, affoGATO Cat Café will be “feline” the love


DOUBTING THOMAS – 856 Jefferson

The Temple of Lost Love—multiple artists

The theme for the show is lost love. We have all lost people we love whether it be due to geography, breakups, off-timing or even death. With this exhibition we attempt to use art and self-expression as a way to let go of, make peace with and honor our lost loves. The inspiration for the show is The Temple of Lost Love, which was a real place in Cleveland. It was under Eagle Avenue Bridge. It was a public canvas for artists to find peace, to commiserate, to heal but most importantly, it was a place to honor lost love.

LOOP – 2180 W. 11th

“This is Black Art”

“This is Black Art” featuring Jef Janis, Aja Ji and James Quarles; music by DJ Hyperius Blake.


Art from Scott Pickering, Luke Nerone, Tim Herron and Nikki Mokrzycki

Pickering creates bright, vibrant, figurative abstract expressionist romps into lunacy; Herron is a plein air painter and has drawn or painted hundreds of portraits as one of the founders of the Pretentious Cleveland Portrait Artists. Mokrzycki is a painter and illustrator. Close up magic by Luke Nerone at 7 p.m. and comedy at 8:30 with multiple performers.

TREEHOUSE – 820 College Ave.

Laura D’Alessandro—Chrysalis

My new photo constructions explore these themes—physical impermanence verse interconnectedness to all; the magic and mystery of dreams; as well as the synchronistic details within our lives as we evolve and change constantly.

FAT CATS – 2061 W. 10th

Tina Pennington—multi-media pieces

Pennington is a multi-talented contemporary artist specializing in vibrant florals and dynamically sculptured multi-media pieces. She has created commissioned works for public sector and private clients.

PAUL DUDA GALLERY – 2342 Professor Ave.

Paul Duda—photography

New aerial and iconic Cleveland photography by Paul Duda. Check out the newly expanded gallery.


  • CLIMB CLEVELAND – Art from Oscar Hammers Mendez Barillas
  • ROOK MODERN – Rook Modern is a gallery that curates vintage modernist designs. They buy, sell and broker Bauhaus to contemporary designs.
  • LAVA LOUNGE – Featuring the artist known as CHOPMARK.
  • THE BEAUTY ROOM – “Monet’s Dream” a series of abstract spa paintings by Rob Hartshorn.


  • Tremont Public Works – Cafe and art open 6 to 10 p.m.; Tremont Comedy Corner starts at 8:30 with comedians hosted by Jay Hunter, headliner Steve Mers with Anthony Mayo and Osama Basal. Close up magic by Luke Nerone at 7 p.m.
  • affoGato Cat Café – 4-8 p.m. Feline the Love (ages 16+). Celebrate your love…for cats, of course! This special date night includes: 1 hour-long cat lounge reservation for 2 people; 2 pastries of your choice; 2 cafe drinks of your choice. Reservations recommended. Call 440-941-5130.
  • Visible Voice Books – It’s a couples’ book signing! Celebrating Valentine’s Day and a mutual love for literature: Ben Vendetta is the author of the rock ‘n’ roll-themed novels Wivenhoe Park (2013), Heartworm (2015) and Sunset Trip (2018), a trilogy that follows the exploits of a music journalist; Arabella Proffer is a painter and author whose work is in over 60 private collections.She is the author of The National Portrait Gallery of Kessa: The Art of Arabella Proffer (2011), a comical art series GURLS (2017), and the photo book, The Restrooms of Cleveland (2019). Also, stop in to enter the Splash of Romance Giveaway.
  • Refold – launching a line of love themed jewelry from Unmarked Industries and raffling a dozen cheesecake stuffed chocolate covered Strawberries from the CLE Sweet Shoppe. Plus, an all-day spring cleaning sale!


Coda – 90s night at 9 p.m., no cover; Prosperity Social Club – Martini Five-O 8-11 p.m.; Doubting Thomas gallery – Goodmorning Valentine and Ohio Civil Power will be performing live from 8-10 p.m.; LOOP music by DJ Hyperius Blake.

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About Walkabout Tremont

Walkabout Tremont honors the artistic vision of Jean Brandt, who started the Tremont ArtWalk in 1993, with open galleries on the second Friday of each month. Walkabout Tremont expands the event’s focus with music, street entertainment, local history, restaurant and bar specials, and pop-up tents featuring art and artists from within and outside Tremont the second Friday of every month. Find more information at: