Tremont West Development Corporation stands with anyone who speaks out against injustice, racism and the gruesome disregard for life that resulted in the murder of George Floyd.  Black lives matter and, unfortunately, these injustices have been a regular occurrence for black people for far too long.  In order to affect change, we must understand and address our history to better plan for the future and ensure our neighborhoods are places where black and brown people feel welcome, safe and equally valued.

Tremont West has long been dedicated to implementing changes to ensure Tremont remains responsive and inclusive to our community as a whole.  That is why our strategic plan, which guides our programming and operations, prominently identifies equity and inclusivity as values for our organization and calls for:

  • Actively working to create affordable housing solutions to combat displacement;
  • Engaging with marginalized communities through multiple listening campaigns to encourage and facilitate conversations and address issues that are not often heard;
  • Increasing diversity of our block clubs;
  • Increasing diversity of our staff and Board; as well as
  • Promoting policies and practices that contribute to greater inclusion.

We take pride in our community and the work we continue to do to reach these goals, but this is not enough.  It will take all of us to address and undo the historical and current structural racism that has shaped our communities and our country since its inception.  Tremont West is listening, we are learning and we invite everyone to join us on this journey as we work to truly realize our mission of “organizing an inclusive community” and “building a unified neighborhood.”

We have work to do. We encourage our community to rally around our neighbors and join us as we work harder to achieve these goals.

Joe Chura                                                    Cory Riordan

Board President                                         Executive Director


Download the statement here.