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Name, Age, Occupation, Hometown

Jon Oberman, 46, Restaurant Owner, Rowley Inn, Cleveland

Why Tremont? 

When we first visited the Rowley, we were picking up my husband’s twin brother from the airport early one Saturday morning and looking for a place to go have a drink. Google brought up The Rowley. We went having never been there, and it was a bunch of regulars and we were all welcomed and people bought us drinks (I don’t think we paid for anything) and had a blast. Then I saw it pop up for sale in the MLS a year or two later (I was previously a realtor) and we looked into it. Being in Tremont, the previous owner wasn’t tapping in to all of the potential that The Rowley had and I knew that we could. I have been in the restaurant business most of my adult life and my husband is in marketing. The rest is history.

What’s your favorite item on your menu? 

Two dishes: Loco Moski – it’s our take on a classic Hawaiian dish, loco moco. It’s Pierogi topped w/a burger patty, topped w/sautéed onions, gravy and eggs. The Hawaiian version has rice instead of the pierogi. It’s absolutely delicious. The second is CLE Shrimp & Grits which has our gouda cheesy grits, sautéed garlic, white wine, peppers, butter, kielbasa, and sautéed jumbo shrimp. It’s really fantastic.

If you could improve something about Cleveland what would it be? 

Two here too. 1. Burke. That piece of lakefront property has SO much potential and could be such an economic boom to the city if it were something else. 2. Our perception nationwide, although that has definitely been improving. We see a lot of tourists who come to visit from A Christmas Story House and are so surprised that they actually really liked Cleveland. Pretty much everyone who I talk to has a GREAT experience here and really enjoys our city.

What does community mean to you? 

A place where you feel welcome and at home

What’s Tremont’s best kept secret? 

South Tremont. South Tremont IS Cleveland. Blue collar, affordable, welcoming. Some of Tremont’s best kept secret businesses are here too. From The Clark Bar to Terrapin Coffee to El Taino to us and of course The Rowley.