Road Closure & Traffic Delay Notice:

On Saturday, December 7th, Tremont & Duck Island residents should expect Road Closures and Traffic Delays from 7am until noon or later as A Christmas Story 5K-10K takes place in the neighborhood.
All proceeds from the event benefit the A Christmas Story House Foundation, whose main goal is to restore and maintain the neighborhood surrounding A Christmas Story House & Museum for future generations to experience and enjoy. The foundation provides grants, both public and private, to projects that enhance and preserve the surrounding neighborhood. The foundation also provides educational scholarships to families of A Christmas Story House to create college opportunities for our next generation.

West 14th Street Emergency Access

ALL lanes of West 14th (from Fairfield to the Roundabout) will be closed from 9am to 12 Noon on Sat. December 7th.. To accommodate residents with emer­gencies or special needs, the following has been put in place for very limited access that morning during these times.

If you are entering the Roundabout from Steelyard Commons and traveling north from 1-76/ I-71 exits, there will be uniformed officers who will inform you on how you can get to your house and the best alternative for re-routing based on the location of your home.

Re-Routing is as follows:

If your destination is West of W. 14th, vehicles will be diverted to

Scranton Rd.

If your destination is East of W. 14th St. vehicles will be re-routed

to Quigley Rd.

If you live on W. 14th Street, between Mentor Av and the Roundabout, or on

Clark Avenue (between W. 14th Street & W. 11th Street), or on W. 12th &

W. 11th Streets (north of Clark), uniformed officers will assist you on getting

to your residence or business.

Note: Scranton Rd parallels W. 14th St. From Scranton Rd, you will be able to access Tremont through the intersections of Kenilworth, Starkweather and Fairfield Avenues.

NOTE: During the time of the road closure, if a resident living on W. 14th, W. 12th, & W. 11th Streets and Clark Avenue, need to leave their residence for emergency purposes, they can contact the below phone number for assis­tance. If you are aware of an important appointment or special need in advance, contact this hotline prior to Race Day and we can make arrangements.

Emergency Hotline: 1-216-854-0165

Thank you in advance from the A Christmas Story House, Run and Foundation. To Date, $500,000 has been raised to improve homes in Tremont.

Road Closures/Alternate Access

Saturday, December 7

Road & Interstate ramp closures will be in effect along the course from 8:00am- Noon. Times are approximate. Visit the website for complete list of closures.

Start/10K Finish
7:00am- 12noon

Race StartRace starts at the former Higbees building at the corner of South Roadway St. and Ontario St.

9:30am – 12pm
Ontario is closed (all lanes) from Ontario to Prospect St from 8:30-9:30am. Then,from one lane (west curb) is closed until noon.

8:45am- 10:00am
Hope Memorial Bridge: Carnegie-Lorain from Ontario to West 20th Street. To reach the West Side Market from Down­town, take Superior west, turn south on West 25th Street

8:30am- 10:30am
West 20th, Abbey, I-90 Ramp. The south­bound Exit 171 off of I-90 will be closed.

9:00am- 10:30am
Tremont: West 14th from Fairfield to the roundabout – all lanes. NOTE: ALTER­NATE ROUTE: If you are heading north bound from either I-76, Steelyard Com­mons or I-71, drivers will need to take the alternative route Scranton Rd. North. Scranton Rd. parallels West 14th. From there, you will be able to access Tremont through the intersections of Kenilworth, Starkweather and Fairfield Avenues.

9:00am- 12noon
roundabout: at W. 14th St. and Quigley Rd. Closed. Alternative routing west to W. 25th St and east on Quigley to Steelyard and Clark Field.

9:00am- 11:00am
10KTurn: West 11th from Rowley to Clark. Clark to West 14th Street.

9:30am- 11:00am
Duck Island: All of West 19th, Smith, 18th and the southern lane of Old Lorain Ave. Residents should park on the east side of the street.

A Christmas Story House/ 5K Finish
6:00am- Noon
A Christmas Story House Neigh­borhood: Rowley Avenue, West 11th Street, Buhrer Avenue

Event Information

A Christmas Story 5K-10K Run starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday, December 7th in Downtown Cleveland in front of Tower City at Ontario. The route travels from Downtown, across the Hope Memorial Bridge toward the West Side Market, down Abbey Ave, then to West 14th Street. Then the route makes its way through the heart of the Tremont District before turning onto Rowley Avenue and end­ing at the A Christmas Story House & Museum. The 10K continues on a similar route back, running through Duck Island, back to Downtown and finishes near the former Higbee Building at the corner of Ontario St. and Public Square.

Proceeds from the event benefit the A Christmas Story House Foundation. This non profit foundation maintains and restores the neighborhood surrounding the A Christmas Story House and Museum, in partnership with the Tremont West Development Corporation.

BACK for 2019, runners can run with their dogs!

Bring your BumpusHound! Participants are allowed to run with their canine friends!! All dogs on the race course will be leashed for safety. We kindly ask that all home owners with pets of their own, do their best to keep their furry friends indoors during the race hours. Thank you so very much in advance for helping us to keep the race and the community a fun and safe place.

Regional Transit Authority Detours

On Saturday, December 7th, some RTA routes will be on detour.

Call 216-621-9500 or visit for details.

No Parking Zones

Areas along the route will be marked “No Parking – Tow Away Zones.” Please adhere to dates and times posted; all zones will be enforced. A complete list of no-parking zones is on the website.

Contact race organizers before race week for more information or help with alternate directions. Email:

Download the flyer here.